Stephen J. Hubertus
Land Surveyor

Professional Land Surveyor


The subdivision survey is the breaking up of a parcel of land into 2 or more parcels.  Some cities, villages and townships have what is called a “One lot subdivision regulation”
This means that if a parcel of land is going to be divided, even into two parcels, it has to go through the full set of hearings before the Planning Board.  This would involve a minimum of two meetings. 
One to introduce the intention and a second meeting consisting of a public hearing followed by an approval or disapproval of the request. 

There may also be the requirement of a SEQR
(State Environmental Quality Review) statement.

                The more involved residential or commercial subdivision will require many such meetings, along with Engineering of roadways, open space, utilities, drainage, water and septic conditions of the proposed project.  A typical subdivision can take many months or even a few years from start to completion, before a single lot can be sold. 
This requires a very serious commitment from the client.

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