Stephen J. Hubertus
Land Surveyor

Professional Land Surveyor

     The firm of Stephen J. Hubertus, L.S. has been serving the professional surveying needs of New York Since 1982 and Pennsylvania since 1987.  The firm is comprised of a small highly trained group of individuals whose goal is to provide quality survey at a reasonable fee.  Our equipment is first rate as is our ability to utilize it.  When needed, we rent equipment such as Global Positioning Systems, when your project warrants them, to produce an accurate position on the face of the earth, whether for a cellular tower, Photogrammetric Control or a large mapping project such as a subdivision. 
     The use of computerized mapping has been normal for us since 1988.  Our use of Auto Cad and Eagle Point software (industry standards) allow us to interface with most other design firms providing a seamless transfer of data for the most complex projects.
It may seem that the expense of such software and equipment may cause a burden to the price of a small lot survey, but the use of these and familiarity of them allow us to put more time toward the interpretation of the written documents depicting the property.  The extra time devoted to the “Professional Opinion” that is your boundary survey is what you as the consumer are paying for on a lot survey.  Our liability and ability to justify the placement of your property lines (in court, should the need arise) is what you are really paying for.  A survey that does not expose the problems within the property lines not only does not fulfill the job of the surveyor, but may expose you to problems “down the road” when you want to sell your property.
     We have never striven to be the “Cheapest Surveyors” around.  It is my belief that occasionally you get a great deal, occasionally you get taken, but most of the time” You get what you pay for”.

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